15 Minutes

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15 Minutes

Two immigrants from Eastern Europe, just arrived in the USA, find an old accomplice in debt to them.

When they can’t get the money, they brutally kill the man by filming the murder with a camera.

Since then they will unleash a whirlwind of violence in hope of becoming rich and famous with their murder’s video.

A famous detective and a young firefighter are the only ones who understand what is happening and trying to stop them.

The two pairs of protagonists and antagonists are well matched.

The two criminals, albeit evil, have an almost childlike naivety with the faces of the two actors Karel Roden and Oleg Taktarov.

For the good guys, the usually amazing Robert De Niro flanked by the young and honest Edward Burns.

Also very good the two women of the story Melina Kanakaredes

and Vera Farmiga, who sweeten a very raw and evil story with their femininity.

Excellent parable of the search for money and success at any cost, written and directed by the excellent John Herzfeld.

15 Minutes

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