The Wretched

by fabioemme
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The Wretched

A troubled boy experiencing his family’s separation becomes convinced that a terrible monster has replaced his neighbor.

Starting to spy on the mother of the family, in fact, he seems increasingly bizarre behavior.

The husband then seems completely stunned and dominated by the woman, carrying out every order without question

Over time, he becomes more and more convinced that the creature’s real purpose is to slowly feed on their baby.

When he discovers the beast’s secret home in the woods, he finally has evidence that it has eating children for centuries with no intention of stopping.

The young protagonist John-Paul Howard does is honest work along with the evil mother played by Zarah Mahler.

The direction and script of the couple Brett and Drew T. Pierce are outstanding, making the story’s climax grow well, always keeping the tension high.

Little horror teenager with a couple of good ideas carried out effectively without becoming corny.

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