Porco Rosso

by fabioemme
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One of the most beloved masterpieces of the master Hayao Miyazaki.

Porco Rosso is the name of the seaplane piloted by a legendary half pig aviator.

Once a human has become mysteriously in these conditions after big aerial combat, he was the only survivor.

The man/beast flies over the Italian seas during the fascism, surviving collecting bounties.

By hunting down the pirates attacking civilian ships, he becomes so famous that an American pilot will want to defeat him.

A joy for the eyes and the heart, as well as an act of love for the marvels of aviation as for his most recent The wind rises.

As with the other works of the Japanese animation director, a story full of pacifism and love for life.

A must-see for all lovers of cinema, war films, and the great blue seas of Italy.

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