Don't Go 2019 movie

Don’t Go

A young couple is still mourning the tragic death of their little girl.

To start a new life, they move to Ireland in the old family property.

An old hotel wants to restore and bring back into business, while the husband will resume his teaching job.

But the man begins to be tormented by recurring dreams that seem more and more real to him.

Convincing that he can save his daughter by his formerly mistakes, he decides to take a path of no return.

Convincing and close-knit a couple of actors Stephen Dorff and Melissa George, as mourning parents.

Besides, very good and beautiful Aoibhinn McGinnity, in the role of sweet fruit of the sin full of remorse.

In conclusion, Simon Delaney is essential for a story of this type as a man of faith and friendship.

As the director, David Gleeson does not exaggerate with fantasy, always keeping good credibility until the final cathartic epilogue.

An exciting supernatural family drama that plays on the guilt and desire for redemption of the protagonists.

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