3 Movies as a journalist

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3 movies as a journalist

They keep us company night and day, at lunch and dinner, in every news bulletin we watch. But what do we really know about them?

3 Movies as a journalist to be able to find out.

1 Scoop(2006)
The ghost of a recently deceased reporter contacts an over-the-top medium and a young beginning journalist girl.

He manages to convince them to investigate the murders of an alleged serial killer.

Thus, the strange couple begins to dabble closely with a rich scion who was the journalist’s main suspect.

But the plot becomes a lot more complicated when the girl falls in love with the potential murderer.

Genuine and funny, the naive Scarlett Johansson which gives the whole story a wonderful lightness.

Equally good, Hugh Jackman as a rich and refined man of charm, but really a bad devil when necessary.

Finally, special mention for the ghost played by the excellent Ian McShane, always funny and smart at the same time.

Another excellent example of a crime mystery comedy written, directed, and performed by Woody Allen.

2 The Terror Live  (2013)
A journalist is taken hostage during his television program.

Threatened by a bomber than otherwise blow up a bridge, killing many innocent, try to buy time for the police.

The madman won’t stop unless he receives an apology live on TV from a well-known politician accused of corruption.

The politician who obviously has no intention of apologizing by humiliating himself in public, not caring about potential victims.

When realizing that even the broadcaster will abandon him, the journalist will have to get out on his own.

The protagonist Ha Jung-woo is perfect, practically on stage all the time, an ambiguous and far from positive character, who at first only thinks about what he can gain from the situation.

Excellent direction by Kim Byung-woo, who, in the midst of a thriller, slips the right social protest against the wicked choices of the government towards South Korean citizens.

A movie is full of tension where the victim and executioner often get confused with each other.

3 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)
He is the leader of the best journalistic assault team in the whole city.

Everyone at work prostrates himself at his feet until a beautiful woman arrives and will screw up everything.

Initially trying to get her out with a demented plan in which he should seduce and abandon her, the man falls in love with her for real.

But when she becomes equally famous, he reacts with childish jealousy, destroying both love and career.

Getting back on track is going to be a tough fight for a fool like him.

Will Ferrell’s humor at the highest level is supported by an equally demented cast on which the always fantastic Steve Carell.

Equally necessary the character of Christina Applegate, who acts as a more serious counterpart to the general nonsense of other characters.

The excellent pace is given by director Adam McKay who will then move on to more committed and serious productions like The Big Short and Vice.

A film that concludes these 3 Movies as a journalist making us reflect on the world of modern journalism, sometimes more of a circus show than information.

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