Shinobi: Heart Under Blade

by fabioemme
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Costume fantasy set at the dawn of the Japanese shoguns of the 1600s.

Although peace reign over his empire, the shogun still fears the strength of the old ninja clans Koga and Iga.

So decides to get them out of the way by a deathly fight to the death.

Trained since childhood to war against the hated rival clan, can’t wait to take to the field and do battle.

Except for the two leaders played by the beautiful Yukie Nakama for the “Koga” and the young but skilled warrior Joe Odagiri for the “Iga”.

Especially the man, full of doubts about this war, make a journey to ask for explanations directly from the shogun.

However, the rival clan is still ready to trap his men in an epic last battle.

Spectacular action also scenes romantically introspective in the relationship of love and hate between woman and man.

Hopeless love like two novels Romeo and Juliet, followed by a host of ninjas with super-powers.

Warriors each with their own well-defined personalities and with specific motivations, more or less noble like the historical period in which they live.

A time where the peace and prosperity of the empire are often obtained in a lake of blood and a sea of ​​violence.

Violence especially towards the outcasts of the poorest villages in the service of the empire’s central shogunate.

Excellent direction by Ten Shimoyama and beautiful music by Taro Iwashiro and Ayumi Hamasaki.


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