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Thriller/horror set in a single long night on a university campus.

Left alone on her campus for Thanksgiving, a young girl is a target of a group of hooded killers.

Murderers are chasing her from a convenience store, where she is shopping, into right into the campus’s dormitories.

Assassins use to kill and then post the videos on the internet, in a macabre “international” game.

The goal is the hunt for God’s followers, naming victims as “Kristy” and marking them with a K.

Good work by the actress Haley Bennett fighting tenaciously once understands it is useless to wait for help from the outside.

Simple but effective the religious/viral obsession of the killers, led by a hallucinated dark girl played by Ashley Greene.

A simple concept that director Oliver Blackburn cleverly uses to create tension and fear throughout the long night.

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