The Abyss

by fabioemme
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A nuclear submarine sinks after a mysterious accident in the Caribbean sea.

Due to an impending cyclone arriving in the area, rescue ships are unable to intervene.

The commander of a submarine drilling platform must go in search of survivors with his crew.

Together will join the ex-wife who designed the platform to work and a group of soldiers as armed support.

But in the darkest and most unknown depths of that abyss, incredible creatures will mess up all their plans.

Amazing well-matched couple Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio add an always welcome touch of romance.

Equally good, crazy, and bad to the bone is the psychotic marine with the face of Michael Biehn.

Extraordinary sci-fi action by James Cameron, who shows an incredible technique with some underwater sequences of memorable invoice.

A movie is unique to see in full version with many added scenes and a more wide-ranging plot.

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