Look Away

by fabioemme
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Look Away

A young girl lives in the solitude of not being understood by her friends and parents.

Until one day her reflection comes to life and starts talking.

Then a relationship will begin in which they will end up taking each other’s place.

Thanks to her she will open her eyes to the true nature of the people around her.

A movie where some of the scariest aspects are human beings rather than supernatural creatures.

For example, the best friend of the heart who will turn out to be just a hypocrite and opportunist liar.

Or even more the girl’s father, a plastic surgeon obsessed with external beauty who would like to subject her to a useless operation to change her appearance.

Very accurate description of a small dysfunctional family unit a lonely girl with an apathetic and absent mother who does not realize what is happening.

The young India Eisley is very good in the double role through the looking glass.

Superlatives then the parents played by Jason Isaacs and Mira Sorvino who give an unheard-of credibility to a ghost story.

Intriguing Teenager Horror Movie directed, written and produced by Assaf Bernstein.

Look Away

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