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3 Movies with Evil Robots

Here for you 3 Movies with Evil Robots where a murderous platoon of humanoid machines ready to mercilessly grind everything in front of you.

But with grace and delicacy ­čśë

1 I am Mother (2019)
From birth she raised only with this robot mother, living isolated from the rest of humanity.

The arrival of a stranger at the doors of his bunker will change everything.

What were the certainties will become terrible truths that he will not be able to help but face.

A little sci-fi with a evil robot voiced by the excellent Rose Byrne.

Together the always good Hilary Swank and the very young Clara Rugaard-Larsen to complete the cast.

Good direction by Grant Sputore who manages to combine a good mystery feeling with the classic sci-fi.

Very good movie also distributed on Netflix but to have on DVD to complete your collection.

2 Kill Command(2016)
Enjoyable sci-fi action we could set between Terminator and the Predator.

A group of soldiers led by a woman with computer implants in her brain set off for a drill to a remote island.

What should have been a simple training soon becomes a struggle for survival against a new species of increasingly evolved and merciless robots.

Good composition of the troop with actors like Thure Lindhardt as commander and David Ajala as his second.

Vanessa Kirby is also very good as an observer who has a partly robotic brain and will help them fight evil robots.

Directed and subject by Steven Gomez who manages to balance the tension well before and after the great action scenes.

In conclusion, excellent sci-fi / action that in addition also has excellent special effects and a simple but well inspired photograph.

3 Battle Drone (2018)
A singular handful of mercenaries accept the work of an old friend .

A simple task to finish quickly and without attracting attention.

But the job is actually a trap for testing a deadly new type of weapon.

Fun Dirty Dozen like movie in hi-tech sauce, with a revived Michael Par├ę in a small cameo.

Good sense of humor that temper the fight against evil robots making really enjoyable even otherwise almost ridiculous scenes.

Very good work by director Mitch Gould that make an unpretentious sympathy as last of these 3 Movies with Evil Robots.

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Lover of movies, they have always been part of my life, changing it over the years helping me to shape my culture. I have always read, written and talked about movies, hoping with my advice to help many others like me to find what they like best. Thank you all !!

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