The Fisher King

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The Fisher King

He was one of the best American radio provocateurs.

Until one day one of his enthusiastic listeners, armed with a rifle, carry out a massacre into a restaurant.

Years later he is a man adrift with no job and no purpose.

Until coincidentally, he meets a homeless man who was in love with one of the victims of the shooting.

He too fell into madness after the drama, believing he was a Knight on a mission on behalf of God.

Together they will go in search of the Holy Grail in a New York as crazy as they are.

Unforgettable fantasy comedy with two amazing protagonists like Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams towering over each other giving life to memorable squabbles.

Directed by the usual impeccable Terry Gilliam in a very big production that does not forget the themes most dear to him.

Honesty, integrity and happiness before money and power and above all giving a voice to the beautiful madmen who live on the margins of our society.

Given these points, The Fisher King is a 90s classic that is a must have in any collection.

The Fisher King

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