The Host

by fabioemme
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The Host

Aliens invaded our planet many years ago.

Settling into our bodies and canceling our will, they walk among us looking like human beings.

Their domination provides for a general welfare for all, as long as you don’t want to be independent like some rebels.

In order to capture them, a traveler who has come from far away enters the body of a young revolutionary.

But the procedure does not go the right way and their consciences coexist in the same body.

A problem when they fall in love with two different guys.

Based on a book by Stephenie Meyer, author of the famous Twilight saga and directed by the talented Andrew Niccol.

Very enjoyable sci-fi with aliens and small teenage romances, dosed in the right way and with a very good protagonist like the young and beautiful Saoirse Ronan.

The Host

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