Domestic Thrillers Movies

3 Domestic Thrillers Movies

How safe are we inside our homes or those of our friends?

3 Domestic Thrillers Movies able to make us doubt the most familiar and friendly faces.

1- 1BR (2019)


She has a strong desire to live independently.

So abandons her family trying to find an apartment in the city.

But what finds will be much worse than what left behind.

At first it seems to her that it is a quiet place inhabited by decent people.

But soon she will find herself a prisoner of a community ready to do anything to defend her lifestyle.

Director David Marmor is very good at keeping the movie alive by lighting the flame when it seems to be about to go out.

Equally valid the young protagonist Nicole Brydon Bloom as good as a victim as a rebel resolute in the final.

Incredible but disturbingly credible in its own way, a condominium thriller that leaves no room for negotiations.

2- The Invitation (2015)

The Invitation

Some friends get together invited to a girl’s house they haven’t seen for years.

An initially jovial and fun reunion dinner that soon becomes ambiguous and disturbing.

The protagonist thinks it’s about their old relationship and jealousy of his new partner.

But there is actually something much more terrifying underneath.

Very credible Logan Marshall-Green as the main role and literally crazy proof of Tammy Blanchard as a deranged hostess.

A domestic thriller that grows minute by minute from uneasiness to pure terror, directed with great class by director Karyn Kusama.

3- The Gift (2015)

The Gift

Their marriage was going well until one evening an unexpected guest showed up at their door.

He is an old school friend of her husband who moved nearby and came to greet him.

The wife is unaware that the strange man is now seeking revenge owing to youth bullying suffered by her husband and his friends..

Excellent escalation of twists for a movie where we are never sure who really is the villain and who the victim.

Superb performance by Joel Edgerton both as an actor and as a director for what is his first and truly successful movie.

Equally valuable the married couple played by actors Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall, who are also really able to grow and change throughout the story.

A very special and sought-after title as the last of these 3 Domestic Thrillers Movies.

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