3 Movies with Evil Aliens

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3 Movies with Evil Aliens

Feel like kicking some butt from outer space?

Nothing better than 3 Movies with Evil Aliens ready to make us into a thousand bits.

1 Skyline (2010)
It had to be an ordinary day in a friend’s luxury apartment into a exclusive skyline.

When suddenly aliens start raining from the sky.

Looking at the devastated city from afar, the aliens quickly reach them.

Quickly understand that the threat comes not only from the skies, but even some humans plagiarized by a mysterious blue light.

Interesting extraterrestrial invasion themed movie, full of original ideas and directed with great technical expertise.

For lovers of hated evil aliens, don’t miss it.

2 Predators (2010)
They are a group of assassins who wake up in an unknown place.

With no memory of how they got there, there is no time to understand, because the hunt starts right away.

Very good assortment of warriors including the leader Adrien Brody and the beautiful sniper Alice Braga.

Another chapter of the Predator saga, born in the distant 80s with John McTiernan quoted many times in this movie.

For lovers of the alien hunter with dreadlocks, an unmissable film.

3 Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
He has never wielded a weapon in his life, yet he finds himself sent to the front overnight.

Obviously he dies right away during the first battle, but there’s a surprise.

In fact, he repeat that same day every time end killed.

Fun reinterpretation of the famous Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, this time in action sci-fi sauce with alien invasion.

reinterpretation of the famous Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, this time in sci-fi sauce with alien invasion. — #Movie

Very good and close-knit Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt as an action couple, for what is definitely the most famous between this 3 Movies with Evil Aliens.

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