3 True Love Movies

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3 True Love Movies

What are we willing to do for true love?

The price can be a lot sometimes … but not if you want to buy these 3 True Love Movies on Amazon 😉

1 The princess bride (1987)
He is sick in bed when his grandfather start to read a story, the greatest love story of all time.

A princess must found her true love in an age of knights, masked pirates and good giants against the evil prince.

A cute, fun and exciting fantasy full of characters that remain in memory.

A sweet and very young Robin Wright in love with Cary Elwes,

To prevent the wedding with an unpleasant prince, the man will ask for help from a giant with the mind of a child and a swordsman in search of revenge.

Cult classic of the 80s directed by Rob Reiner and still excellent today for adults and children.

2 Spring (2014)
On his first trip to Italy, he meets a beautiful woman.

The spark of love is immediate.

But he soon discovers that the woman is hiding a terrible secret.

At that point he will be forced to choose whether to abandon or stay with her whatever the consequences.

Great romance / horror at low cost but with a lot of good ideas developed in a very valid way.

Very good the couple of actors in love Lou Taylor Pucci and Nadia Hilker and really excellent direction of the duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.

A very special film about following love whatever it costs.

3 Equals (2015)
In a society that is closed and devoid of emotions, love between two different ones can have a hard time blossoming.

But when it is born it is unstoppable.

Interesting story of a dystopian future and two lovers who see each other unfairly divided.

Lovers are very good Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart, also with an ever-great Guy Pearce in a small role.

Another good love story directed by Drake Doremus, increasingly a specialist in the genre.

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