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3 Movies about Aliens from the 90s

1 Dark Angel (1990)
An upright policeman investigates a massacre that took place during a drug exchange.

He soon becomes convinced that behind the murders there are not only reasons for money, but a ferocious alien armed with unknown technologies.

Very good B-Movies sci-fi / action / horror not to be forgotten, directed by a veteran of the genre like Craig R. Baxley and an hard rock main character like Dolph Lundgren.

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2 Sphere (1998)
A group of scientists is called to fly to an isolated spot in the middle of the ocean.

Sent to the bottom in an underwater habitat, they will soon discover the existence of an unknown spaceship that crashed centuries ago.

Excellent sci-fi/mystery with aliens directly from the pen of the great Michael Crichton and with a cast of stars such as Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone and Samuel L. Jackson.

For lovers of movies with aliens, to buy now.

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3 The Hidden (1987)
A madman wreaks havoc on the city by shooting people for no apparent reason.

After killing him, the murders inexplicably resume at the hands of another man.

A policeman and an FBI agent will investigate the mysterious threat together.

Another excellent alien movie from the 90s, capable of keeping interest high until the last minute and with a couple of exceptional actors such as Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Nouri.

Must buy for all ages and all generations of alien lovers.

3 of 3 – Movie to Watch
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Lover of movies, they have always been part of my life, changing it over the years helping me to shape my culture. I have always read, written and talked about movies, hoping with my advice to help many others like me to find what they like best. Thank you all !!

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