3 Movies to be Happy

by fabioemme
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1 Whatever Works  (2009)
He is a genius, a Nobel Prize in mathematics, but he is also an intractable grouch in eternal controversy with the whole world.

But when he meets a naive little girl who has just arrived in town, everything will change forever for him and everyone around him.

Another intelligent and irreverent comedy by Woody Allen that exudes wisdom and joie de vivre in every dialogue, intertwining love, destiny and irony leaving the viewer really at peace with himself when he reaches the end credits.

2 The Tree of Life (2011)
Pure poetry in movement in this film by Terrence Malick, which tells us about the epic of a family from the father to his two children through two different generations.

A film that is not to be understood but to be admired, absorbed and bewitched by to fully enjoy it.

Superb performance by all the actors, from Brad Pitt to Jessica Chastain to the usual timeless Sean Penn.

Absolutely to see and love.

3 Like Crazy (2011)
They meet, like and love each other madly; but when they want to start living together, he is expelled from the United States.

Is it possible to be happy by loving from a distance?

An impossible relationship that makes us understand that happiness does not come by itself but we must fight every day and every minute of our lives to reach it and, once conquered, to be able to keep it alive.

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