3 Movies with Cops in Trouble

by fabioemme
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1 36Th Precinct  (2004)
They have always been two upright and respected policemen.

But when the place opens for just one as the new head of their district, the war between them will begin.

Incredible French crime / noir directed by Olivier Marchal, an expert on the genre.

Not to be missed.

1 of 3 – Movie to Watch

2 Shield of Straw (2013)
They have to escort a violent and hated criminal during a prison transfer.

But a wealthy relative of one of the victims puts a millionaire bounty on his head.

At this point they will have the whole nation against them, including fellow policemen.

Incredible action / crime directed by the great Takashi Miike, one of the undisputed masters of Japanese cinema.

A must have in your collection.

2 of 3 – Movie to Watch

3 Out of time (2003)
Trying to help his mistress, a policeman ends up becoming the prime suspect in a murder.

At this point he will have to fool all his colleagues and even his ex-wife, his superior in rank.

Great thriller / crime with a great Denzel Washington
protagonist and a beautiful and talented Eva Mendes as his tireless pursuer.

3 of 3 – Movie to Watch

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