3 Movies to Watch at Night

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3 Movies to Watch at Night

1 You should have left (2020)
New home, new country. Hoping to leave an old tragedy behind, a man starts from scratch with his new partner and young son.

But obviously the house isn’t going to be that safe, quiet place he was hoping for.

Strange presences and inexplicable events will lead to the most drastic consequences.

Very good couple Amanda Seyfried and Kevin Bacon, able with a few dialogues to make the characters interesting.

Excellent direction by David Koepp as already in Stir of Echoes, again with Bacon as protagonist, recommended in the article “3 Horror Movies with Ghost“.

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2 After Midnight (2019)
Since his woman left him, he has been living alone, basking in pity.

But he’s not really alone, as every night at midnight a strange creature besieges his home.

A strange “sentimental” horror about loss and redemption, truly original in its own way.

To be seen.

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3 Us (2019)
A small family is besieged by what appear to be their exact doppelgangers.

Amazed, they discover that the event is happening nationwide.

The struggle to survive will become bloody and merciless.

Another excellent movie by Jordan Peele, already author of Get out, who confirms himself as a great horror director.

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