3 Movies to Watch during a breakup

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3 Movies to Watch during a breakup

During a breakup we need to be comforted, but also some small satisfaction to get back to picking ourselves up.

3 Movies to Watch during a breakup selected about getting back on your feet and coming back to life.

1 She-Devil (1989)
She is unhappy and neglected by her husband.

Furthermore he ends up cheating and abandon her for a young and beautiful writer.

But her plan for revenge will be as terrifying as it is fun to follow throughout the film.

With patience and determination he will manage to insinuate himself and make life impossible for the two of them.

Leading them to utter desperation to get her family back and be a strong, independent woman.

A nasty Roseanne Barr versus Meryl Streep in a struggle for dignity and family.

A pink and black comedy about what it’s like to never mess with a desperate housewife after a breakup.

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2 Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)
He was abandoned by his wife in the middle of the night.

Without no idea about, must learn from scratch to take care of his son all by himself.

Not an easy task for someone like him who did not already have an easy job even before.

The single dad trying to fit their son’s commitments without making him unhappy for the loss of his mother.

Mother who will return later in search of her family, where the Kramers will clash in court for custody.

Legal and child love fight between two splendid actors like Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman.

A small family cult about breakup directed by the solid Robert Benton.

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3 Sliding Doors  (1998)
Movie whose title has now become a symbol of destiny and luck by chance and opportunity.

How our life is forged by our choices and how by uncontrollable and random events?

One day, losing the subway or not, Gwyneth Paltrow begins to live two parallel lifes.

Lifes very similar but profoundly different in the consequence about her life.

Breakup with her boyfriend or not and totally creating another course of events with another man and a different career.

Very good the actress in the double role with the right difference of behavior and attitude.

In addition not least her 2 alternative boyfriends played by John Hannah and John Lynch.

Absolutely a generational must for the last of this 3 Movies to Watch during a breakup.

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