3 Movies to Watch like Inception

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Did you like the dream and thrillering atmosphere of the movie with Leonardo di Caprio?

Then you can’t miss these 3 Movies to Watch like Inception.

1 Dreamscape  (1984)
Being endowed with psychic powers, he becomes involved in the development of a new technology for sharing dreams.

But soon he discovers that he is involved in a plot to overthrow the government.

Before they driving the current president to madness, he finally decides to react.

Film with second-rate media which, however, has a good direction on its side capable of keeping an excellent pace until the end.

Superlative cast with a very young Dennis Quaid and two cinema veterans such as Max von Sydow and Christopher Plummer.

2 The Cell (2000)
He is a ruthless serial killer who imprisons his victims for several days before killing them.

When the police arrest him before his next murder, he is seriously injured.

The only solution to find his victim before time runs out.

So they take him to a research center with a brand new technology.

In order to find the victim, a young female scientist will intrude on his dreams and memories.

Disturbing sci-fi horror with Jennifer Lopez and Vincent D’Onofrio excellently directed by Tarsem Singh demonstrating a truly spectacular visual fantasy.

3 Anna (2013) (AKA “Mindscape“)
He is always in high demand as a detective due to his ability to penetrate suspects’ minds.

But one day he face a little girl with his exact same power and he must be careful not to be fooled.

Excellent thriller with a continuous game of mirrors between deceptions and lies.

Interspersed with dreams and memories, the story is always interesting with constant changes of pace and perspectives.

Played by an unusually serious Mark Strong faced more than worthily by a good and very young Taissa Farmiga.

Excellent direction by Jorge Dorado for this last of the 3 Movies to Watch like Inception.

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