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3 Fantasy Movies

1 Beautiful Creatures (2013)
He falls in love with a girl who always lives isolated in the large family mansion, but does not know that it is a group of ancient wizards and witches.

The young girl should soon reveal her power, forever deciding whether to be on the side of the light or the dark.

A fantasy teenager full of ideas who builds a very interesting fantasy world, for a small saga that many have been waiting for a sequel for years.

2 Il racconto dei racconti – Tale of Tales (2015)
3 different tales that intertwine to create a world full of incredible monsters and creatures, childless queens and witches in search of eternal youth.

Directly from the fairytales by Giambattista Basile, a movie that speaks to adults as well as children, full of emotions, struggles, loves and betrayals; where no one is really good or bad all the way.

Definitely a singular movie that any fantasy lover should see at least once.

3 I Kill Giants (2017)
A little girl abstracts from the difficult world that surrounds her by projecting herself into her fantasy where she is a warrior in an eternal fight against giants.

But is it just fantasy or is there something real?

Beautiful little film that starting from a small character tells us an ancient fairy tale in a modern key, with a young protagonist who really holds the scene managing to make believable and giving pathos to her character.

To see and make known around.

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Lover of movies, they have always been part of my life, changing it over the years helping me to shape my culture. I have always read, written and talked about movies, hoping with my advice to help many others like me to find what they like best. Thank you all !!

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