The Silencing

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The Silencing is the story of a man who lives alone working as a guard for a nature reserve, separated from his wife after the sudden disappearance of his daughter.

After many years he still believes that it was the work of a serial killer. When another young girl’s dead body appears in the area, the man believes the killer is back in action.

Thus, he patrols the forest and monitors it through the numerous cameras in the park. Usually used to track down the poachers, he spots a girl chased by a mysterious masked hunter one day.

Trying to save her, the hunter killer wounds him too, and the forest turns into a hunting ground where the former father can finally avenge his daughter.

The Silencing is a well-made thriller with continuous tension and twist. The characters’ psychology is transformed into the impulsive drive that will pit them against each other until the end.

Each of them is fighting for their motivations, which are not necessarily right in the service of justice. A hunt that is not for collecting trophies but to appease their personal demons.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is the main protagonist of the story, an alcoholic father abandoned by his family and society.

He struggles with the psychological breakdown of having his daughter disappear under his responsibility. As a former hunter, then he became a forest ranger and is upset with everyone in town.

His ex-wife and her new partner, and the police try without succeeding to stop his obsession with the investigation. But found the killer’s hunt become, indeed, his final chance for redemption.

Of all the cops, the beautiful and determined Annabelle Wallis is the one who will be most interested in his case.

Convinced that girls’ disappearances hide malicious purposes, she suspects a community of criminals among which her brother also lives.

Robin Pront makes a compelling low-cost movie. Set in natural locations, whose indifferent beauty provides an excellent context for the story, and some scenes in poor interiors.

With few but capable actors, the director succeeds in carrying on a simple but intriguing plot about an obscure hunter killer.

The Silencing has made little money in theaters, like all movies this year due to COVID. A real shame for a well-written thriller that doesn’t divide its characters into good and evil, leaving them in that gray zone where each of them is guilty of something.

A well-made thriller with continuous tension and characters' psychology transformed into the impulsive drive them against each other. #MOVIES

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