3 Movies are made documentary

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1 The Legend of Bruce Lee (2009)
From his humble beginnings in Hong Kong to his definitive consecration in Hollywood.

The life of the greatest martial artist in the history of cinema.

Produced by his daughter Shannon Lee, an insight into the life of the great Bruce Lee.

His wisdom, his boastful but funny attitude, the indelible imprint he left in the way of making the fight scenes in all the movies to follow.

Life of a mith.

2 Frost/Nixon (2008)
He is a talk show presenter with a social life dedicated to luxury parties and vip entourage, the other and the most hated former president in all of the history of the United States.

Both in search of visibility, they decide to organize 4 days in an interview sitting face to face.

Talking about the various issues regarding his presidency, from foreign policies to war ending up to the inevitable Watergate scandal.

An excellent movie that lives of the magnificent dialogues as well as the fast pace and the historical cut that Ron Howard manages to give with his excellent direction.

3 The Big Short (2015)
A story set the months leading up to the terrible financial crisis of 2008.

Some groups of characters had sensed the terrible tsunami that was about to hit the world economy.

A funny, intelligent movie that explains in simple and concise terms the complicated vocabulary of the world of finance.

The ingenuity and cunning, directly through the mouth of some external characters such as Margot Robbie or Selena Gomez who offer themselves in splendid cameos.

A must see for those who want to understand a minimum of what the hell happened in those cursed years.

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