Elizabeth Harvest

by fabioemme
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atypical thriller romance with cyberpunk influences

The novel of her dreams has finally begun for Elizabeth Harvest in romance with a rich, cultured, and mature man.

A respected man of science and culture adores and venerates her, giving himself body and soul with desire and tenderness.

But the romance quickly turns into an endless nightmare when she realizes that her beautiful house is actually a prison.

A prison with a hidden room she’s forbidden to go near, fighting curiosity every day.

Intriguing cyberpunk reinterpretation of Bluebeard’s old novel with the husband hiding a terrible secret from his wife.

Wonderful performance by Ciarán Hinds, an actor usually relegated to secondary roles but here finally the absolute protagonist.

A man is difficult to understand, intelligent and sensitive but equally ruthless and unstoppable in achieving his purposes.

At his side, the young and beautiful Abbey Lee as Elizabeth Harvest, at first perhaps more ‘doll than a person, then draw her claws later.

Sebastian Gutierrez writes and directs this novel romance with cyberpunk influences, tension, and twists well distributed throughout the story.

A movie that has passed almost completely unnoticed and unknown to the masses, perfect in the themes and tones with cyberpunk influences.

atypical thriller romance with cyberpunk influences

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