3 Movies on a Boat

1 The Weight of Water (2000)
Two couples on a cruise to an island to solve a murder that took place a century earlier.

Behind the apparent friendship are hidden truths and unspeakable desires, old grudges never healed, which blend perfectly with their investigation where they are convinced that things have gone very differently from what was decided in court.

A perfect mix of taste and narrative elegance expertly directed by the great Kathryn Bigelow.

2 Triangle (2009)
A group of friends end up adrift on the wreckage of their boat after an accident.

A huge cruise ship arrives to their rescue on which they find shelter, but which apparently seems strangely completely deserted.

A fantastic supernatural horror thriller to watch carefully, even more than once, in order to fully grasp the various mechanisms that make it work.

3 Dead Calm (1989)
A couple is looking for peace and quiet aboard their ship, trying to overcome a terrible tragedy that has recently occurred in their life.

However, when they notice a ship adrift, they help a stranger who will change their lives forever.

Excellent thriller in international waters that lives off the skill of two actors like Sam Neill and Billy Zane, as well as a very young and beautiful Nicole Kidman.


18 October 2020

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