3 Movies to Watch while High

1 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
3 days in Las Vegas with crazy journalist Johnny Depp and his equally psychopathic lawyer / friend Benicio Del Toro.

One of the cult films of the end of the millennium that speaks to two generations, the already established one of the 70s and the new milleniums at the gates, making everyone unhappy but also managing to entertain by thinking intelligently.

2 The Wave (2019)
During a party with some of his closest friends, he is convinced to try a new drug with mysterious effects.

A drug that will lead him to upset his life and that of those around him, as well as the very matter of space and time.

3 Mandy (2019)
He lived in peace and quiet in the woods with his wife, when a group of strangers broke into his house in the middle of the night killing her in front of his eyes.

Finding the old gang now out of their mind after years of acid, will become the only purpose of his life, in a revenge that will know no limits or borders.


16 October 2020

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