What movies do you need to watch to start with Italian cinema?

I know well that talking about cinema is a topic on which so many books have been written to sink a fleet of ocean liners, what I would like to recommend (not only in this post) is simply based on my personal culture.

Personally, since I got my first VCR, the films I’ve watched the most (literally reduced to dust) have been Rocky IV and Commando, so you’ll understand for yourself that i don’t and i can’t ever pose as a film professor.

Obviously then you grow up and try to watch even more complex films built with greater cinematic art, even if you don’t stop watching the bad ass movie of the old Sly or Schwarzy when the opportunity arises.


Italian films are splendid genre films for a huge audience, nothing difficult or reserved for a too refined stick in the mud audience.

What about Deep Red for example?

It is an excellent example of an Italian horror directed with huge class by Dario Argento, a movie that I saw as a child and that scared me like few others, set in Turin that is the city near which I have always lived.


Let’s talk about a second of more renowned directors such as Sergio Leone or Federico Fellini.

The first was shooting fantastic spaghetti westerns that have sculpted and continue to sculpt the collective imagination for over 50 years, considering that his first film, A fistful of Dollars, was in 1964.

Taking instead a film of the second, one of the most famous as , almost an autobiography of Federico Fellini at that moment of his life where, as a director, he felt stuck in his own figure of auteur director.

The movie can be enjoyed by anyone, from the French avant-garde enthusiast to the kid who has always fed on Avengers Movies, as a hilarious comedy about a director who scrambles like crazy to produce a film that doesn’t exist.

Doesn’t it remind you of the famous dance scene in Pulp Fiction?


Let’s talking about two fundamental directors like Mario Bava and Lucio Fulci, loved by directors everywhere like Nicolas Winding Refn or Quentin Tarantino.

Both directors who throughout their lives have made all kinds of horror, crime, sci-fi, comedies, musicals, fantasy films and so on and so forth.

How not to mention the absolute cult Don’t Torture a Duckling by Fulci?

A horror thriller still very modern in terms of ideas and realization and as beautiful to watch today as it was 50 years ago.

And among the many beautiful films of Bava I cannot fail to mention my absolute favorite, Planet of the Vampires, of which Ridley Scott then made an “almost remake” with his famous cult Alien.

Poor films made with few means but with a lot of love for art and unparalleled profession behind the camera, eternal proof that where you don’t get to with money you can always get there with ingenuity and talent.

I hope you enjoyed reading these thoughts of mine in freedom as much as I enjoyed writing them

My best wish for those who have not yet seen them that you will try to watch even just one of the movies I have mentioned so far.

I will come back to talk on the subject again, since there is still a lot to say and there are still many movies to see that maybe (especially for those who are younger) you have never had the opportunity to know.

I always wish the best to each of you, carrying on the knowledge of cinema means bringing beauty to the world, which we need today more than ever.


15 October 2020

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