3 Sci-Fi Movies into the Space

1 Aniara (2019)
It had to be a common work travel from Earth to Mars on the immense commercial spaceship Aniara.

But suddenly the passengers find themselves stranded indefinitely in space after an accident.

Without a future and no hope of being able to go back, a woman will fight to fit into the new society that will be formed in that immense coffin with no way out.

Interesting social sci-fi film, with really well-rounded characters in extreme situations.

2 A.I. Rising (2018)
A man embarks on a very long journey on behalf of a large multinational to the depths of remote space.

To help him maintain his sanity and not go crazy with depression and loneliness, the company joins him with an android woman.

A woman with beautiful features and an advanced artificial intelligence who learnes how to please the man.

But at some point even that won’t be enough.

Curious film with only 2 actors on stage but a great basic idea developed very well.

To be seen.

3 Ad Astra (2019)
In search of his father who has disappeared for years on a scientific expedition that ended in tragedy.

Brad Pitt ventures to the limits of our solar system on a journey through space that man is trying so hard to adapt to his survival.

But in addition to the limits and challenges of the unknown, there are also the greed and fears and ignorance of human beings.

All that will put a strain on the steel temper of the soldier who will have to look inside himself to understand what it is. really willing to do.


15 October 2020

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