3 Movies every teen should watch

1 They Call Me Trinity (1970)
They are brothers. They are the best gunslingers in the west. They can’t stand each other even for a minute.

One of the best Italian comedies / spaghetti westerns with two protagonists like Bud Spencer and Terence Hill who have teamed up in dozens of films, always as an irresistible duo in charisma and sympathy.

2 1941 (1979)
In the middle of World War II, Los Angeles is afraid of an attack by the Japanese.

In the middle of the ocean, a Japanese submarine loses its way and prepares to bomb Hollywood.

A frenzied comedy directed by a very young Steven Spielberg and an exceptional cast from Dan Aykroyd to an irrepressible John Belushi.

3 WarGames (1983)
He wanted to try some new video games, but accidentally connects to the central computer that controls NORAD.

The infallible artificial intelligence will then start a game of its own, pushing the military towards a thermonuclear war against the Russians.


15 October 2020

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