3 Time Travels Movies

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Always loved time travel, paradoxes and predestination?

Then you were probably predestined to watch these 3 Time Travels Movies.

1 Timecrimes (2007)
Great Time Travels Movie set in a house in the middle of the woods.

A man who lives isolated in the countryside with his wife begins to hunt down a mysterious figure that wanders around his property.

Until he stumbles upon a time travel experiment that will take him to the limits of what he can believe and can’t do.

A perfect puzzle game that deceives the viewer with great pleasure. A smokescreen serves to hide an unthinkable enemy to escape from, ending up becoming like him.

Fantastic Spanish movie directed by Nacho Vigalondo author at ease with all genres that he mixes wonderfully in his stories.


2 Time trap (2017)
A group of friends on an excursion inside an abandoned cave.

In search of a family who disappeared several years ago, they will find something so much different.

Into the mysterious place, time works in its own way. Forever trapped in the damn place, they have no choice but to go on.

A simple choice changing their lives and pushing them beyond all limits of what they thought possible.

Excellent sci-fi where time travel takes place practically invisibly, spending millennia in a few hours.

The couple Ben Foster and Mark Dennis are really good at directing and writing.


3 Predestination (2014)
He was the best of the time agents.

Finally, he is entrusted with the most difficult mission, to capture a terrorist who sows panic back and forth in time.

A mission that will be his last and that will lead him to discover himself.

Told like a fairy tale from another time, finally an action-adventure film that takes all the time it takes to build interest.

A story that lives with Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook’s interpretations as very well written main characters.

Really good as the last of these 3 Time Travels Movies, directed by Michael e Peter Spierig, before already interesting but here at their best.


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