4 Bad Ass Fighting Movies

by fabioemme
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1 Drunken Master (1978)
He’s a good boy, but he always gets into trouble and putting his father to shame.

Until one day he meets the perfect master for his style … he will become unbeatable, but only by fighting drunk.

A movie that lives on Jackie Chan’s athletic prowess, combined with a purely oriental-style humor.

2 The Raid (2011) & The raid 2 (2014)
Two fantastic Indonesian films directed by Gareth Evans full of funanbolic action scenes and a wild and fantastic rhythm.

A relentless fight in a criminal-dominated apartment building in the first movie.

A struggle for survival for an undercover cop in the second.

Never seen so many blows in just two movies.

3 Atomic blonde (2017)
From the director of the famous series John Wick.

A movie set in the Berlin of the 90s where spies from agency all around the world fight without mercy.

The ultimate prize is the full list of all secret agents.

In this world arrive an amazing blonde searching for vengeance and who will kick ass hardest of all.

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